Welcome to Sage Owl Press

redwood-treesTucked among the high, thick branches of redwood trees is a village of sage owls. Their small and round dwellings are thick with moss and glow with amber dancing lights. Their homes are interconnected by bridges decorated with glinting jewels and other trinkets. Looking up, the sage owl village is like a great web.

Beyond the homes and hanging from the thickest branches of the tallest redwoods, you see the stained glass windows of a palace built from polished wood. Marble tiles enchanted with magical runes glow blue and purple.

On the ground, you find a hidden door behind ferns and moss. It is carved into a redwood tree and leads up a spiral staircase to the palace. You ascend the staircase. At the top, you find yourself standing before the 10-foot-tall palace doors, which are carved with the image of a wizened sage owl wizard. They open to you.

Inside, a three-foot-tall sage owl with gray feathers, violet robes, and a golden staff greets you. He leads you down a grand hall decorated with portraits. A crimson carpet runs down the center of the hall and, above, you see exposed trusses. 

Beyond is an ornate door that leads to the greatest treasures known to sage owls: books.

You enter the archives. Shelf after shelf of books and scrolls tell the histories of the world. You learn of towns, of races, and even of magics not fully understood.

Sage Owl Press is an independently run publisher of homebrew races and other game supplements for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. The blog name is inspired by sage owls, a little intelligent race known to collect books, stories, and information about all kinds of fantastical things.

Content is written, edited, and published by yours truly, Michael Galvis. I am a digital content editor with a Master’s in creative writing and a love of roleplaying and board games. I’ve been playing Pathfinder for about six years now but am also a big fan of Dungeon World.

I hope the races and other materials I create open new opportunities for roleplaying while also fleshing out your campaigns with rich cultures and settings; powerful enemies and allies; and magical items.

All materials presented here are intended to be balanced for your home adventures. If you feel like something isn’t properly balanced, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll look into making adjustments.

If you would like to mention or include some of my creations in your personal blog, I kindly ask you include a link back to my site.

Wishing you safe travels,





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